Nokia vs Apple and Brazil vs GB

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I have just read an article on how the new NOKIA phone is not quite there yet versus the iPhone, and a little note of how Brazil is on their way to become the 6th largest Economy in the world, surpassing GB.

Whenever I see headlines like that I cannot stop and wonder how can that be?  I’ve always been a NOKIA guy, they are and have always been a tech comapany that made phones, and excelent ones, but when have they lost their track?  In my humble and naive opinion the answer is lack of infra-structure!  Comparing to Apple, which is why for a number of years i became an Apple fan, when you get whatever Apple product (ihave them all), you buy a concept, an operating sytem, an outstanding support service, music store, app store… on the consummer point of view, the whole package.  What do you get with a NOKIA phone?  Headache!  Don’t get me wrong they are great hones, great reception and super duper camera with Zeiss lens, but try and sync it with your PC (sic):  It’s a nightmare! you cannot connec, all the data is screwed up, no reliable backup, I mean REALLY?  We have evolved to the smartphone era.  Most of the people want more than only talk and text.  We want Apps, games, all sorts of comunnications.  Can NOKIA provide that? NO!  Can Apple do it? YES.

 It’s the same thing with Brazil and Great Britain.  There is a lack of infrastructure, in this country, that dates from the 1500.  We have been colonized by a drunk and crazy emperror (D. João VI) with a wife that hated both Brazil and Portugal (Carlota Joaquina).  How could we have succeeded?  History tells that most of our politics have looked at leadership in Brazil as an opportunity of personal gain other than buiding a NEW WORLD, unlike Steve Jobs’Apple.  One of his quotes, i read the other day was that he wanted to leave behind a company that would make a difference, a legacy, not to himself or to his family, but to the world.  Here in Brazil, that’s not tha case.  All our politics, or at least most of them have seized the opportunnity of leadership as a chance to get mega rich easily, without caring of what destructive path they would leave behind.  The reason Brazil is surpassing GB and other more developed economies is mostly because GB is stepping on their brakes, and not because we are becomming better than them.  There is no tradition here, no principles, no major goal to acheive, other than self-gain.  All of that does not have anything to do with NOKIA, but in a sense, it has, because NOKIA tries to coppycat Apple without noticing that their major asset is the low end easy to use phones, and have been trying, like many others surpass a company that was built from a philosophy.  That’s aimed to consummer satisfaction with a full computer base, product line.  RD on NOKIA is very developed, but even with a great new product, they fall back into darkness due to lack of support and fulfillment on the consummer side.  It’s the same case with Brazil.  What a beautiful and nature rich country, what a friendly people, but do we have the guts to aim for the future?  I don’t see it.  All I see is a bunch of the same politicians trying to get their way, getting more and more bennefits for themselves and trying to fool more and more people.  Brazil have been lucky for the past ten years with ist partnership with China, selling lots and lots of iron ore, soy beans and mostly commodities, but there is only so much of them that China can buy, and at one point this castle of cards will crumble.


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